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Rising up from the turmoil of the American Civil War, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the economic and cultural center of the state. ClassClassifieds can connect you with schools and teachers in this unique and diverse city. Atlanta’s economy is the sixth highest in the country, giving the state capital high status among the cities of the world. This status is helped by its business, media, information, and logistics industry prowess. Despite being a city, Atlanta is situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and has geography of rolling hills and dense trees. Atlanta is the transportation hub of the southeast, with some of the busiest train stations and airports among the southern states. Racially diverse after the Civil Rights movement of decades past, there is no one culture that stands above the rest, giving the city a culture all its own. Atlanta is home to many tourist locations, including parks, museums, the Georgia museum, and the headquarters of TV channels like CNN and Cartoon Network. These attractions include the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic site and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, the site of the novel Gone with the Wind.

Despite having greater influence in business and information sectors, Atlanta also has an abundance of art and culture and teachers can be found in every profession imaginable. From country music to Southern rock, great music teachers are available throughout the city to offer music lessons at affordable prices. Let ClassClassifieds connect you to these tutors and teachers today.
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