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Audio engineering is the electrical or mechanical inscription of music or the recorded voice onto a device that can then be played back. Digital recordings are now used much more because of their preciseness of sound. Music recorders consider the beginning of audio engineering to be the writing down of music onto paper so that it could be replayed, which first occurred thousands of years ago. The phonautograph was the first recording device to record sound and be able to play it back. This device was patented in 1857 by a Parisian inventor, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. From that time, audio engineering took off and has reached its height in the modern era with digital recording software. With the importance of popular music today, many individuals are looking to learn about the technology used to record music and how to do it. Even colleges and universities have realized the importance of this field and are offering classes to students in the subject. Learning audio engineering is not too difficult for beginners to learn but it requires diligence and a natural ability to learn to work with new technologies. Another great way to learn how to record music is to learn audio engineering from an audio engineering professional. Through our site, you can find classes taught by an audio engineering teacher, both in person and online.

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