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The second largest state capital in the United States, Austin is the capital of Texas and home to one of the fastest growing populations in America. Austin is the most southerly of the capitals of the contiguous 48 states. It is located on the Colorado River and has three man-made lakes within the city limits; Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Walter E. Long. A prominent point in Austin is Mount Bonnell, which is a natural limestone formation 780 feet above sea level. There is an observation deck 200 feet below its summit which overlooks Lake Austin. ClassClassifieds can help you navigate the population to find lessons that fit your needs and budget. After the Great Depression, Austin boomed in the technology and business sectors, leading to it becoming the home of many big-name corporations, including eBay, Google, IBM, Apple, Texas Instruments, and 3M. “Austinites,” as residents of Austin are called, are a diverse mix of foreign and domestic people, from college students to musicians and blue-collar to government workers. Austin is located on the Colorado River within the heart of Central Texas.

The music and film industry thrive within Austin, as do tutors in those areas and many more. With a high Hispanic population, there are plenty of tutors in foreign languages, especially Spanish, to help you go from speaking English to speaking Spanish, or vice-versa. Austin is considered one of the most literate cities in America, and its abundance of school tutors helps this reputation continue. Let ClassClassifieds find you the tutor you need.
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