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The banjo is a string instrument, usually with a round face and anywhere from 4 to 6 strings. It has been very popular in American folk music for the past few centuries. The concept and form of the banjo was brought to the U.S. by African slaves and traditional banjos were typically made with a gourd attached to a stick. Nowadays, banjos can be made out of animal skin or synthetic material and the strings can be made out of metal or nylon. The basic play is called a roll, in which the player picks the strings in eighth notes to form a melody. The banjo is known for its folksy, bluesy sound that melds well with other instruments in classic American folk music; however, it is also used in various other types of music, including jazz and Celtic music. The banjo continues to rise in popularity, due to the increasing popularity of country and blues music in the U.S. The banjo is not the most difficult instrument to play, but experienced teachers and good banjo lessons can help a beginning player learn quickly and be able to play some popular folk tunes. No matter what kind of banjo you decide to play, whether it be a 4, 5, or 6 string, it can be a great help to take banjo classes to help you become a great player quickly. 

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Clawhammer banjo lessons, tenor banjo lessons, bluegrass banjo lessons, 4 string banjo lessons, 5 string banjo lessons, 6 string banjo lessons, frailing banjo lessons, and Irish banjo lessons.
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