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One of the oldest cities in America and the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston is as rich in history as it is in opportunities and skills. Boston has the largest broadcasting market in New England, which is also the eleventh largest in the United States, including college and university radio stations,. It is home to America’s first subway system as well as the first public school in the United States. This tradition of education continues with tutors and lessons brought to you by ClassClassifieds. Boston is a hub of education, from public schools to universities and colleges, and much of the population is trained in a wide variety of areas, from arts to fitness to medicine. While you’re busy visiting the historic sites and museums Boston offers, such as the Old State House, which is a museum on the Freedom Train and also the site of the Boston Massacre, be sure to take time to visit one of its many available teachers on ClassClassifieds.

Boston is not only home to history, but also to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Handel and Haydn Society, and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. It is a great location to begin your musical training. Use ClassClassifieds to find a piano instructor, choral teacher, or any kind of music tutor to begin your path into any orchestra you want. With the many colleges within the city, it is easy to also find tutors for any field you wish, especially in medicine, business, technology, or other high in demand fields.
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