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Want to learn how to play disc golf? Just take disc golf lessons with a disc golf instructor found on ClassClassifieds! We can also connect you with a disc golf school offering disc golf lessons taught by excellent disc golf teachers as well. Whether you're looking for beginner disc golf lessons, disc golf lessons for kids, or more advanced disc golf lessons, ClassClassifieds can help you get the best disc golf training available. Many disc golf schools and private instructors will even offer your first disc golf lesson for free!

On ClassClassifieds, you can even take disc golf lessons online with teachers offering excellent disc golf instruction completely over the Internet. Whether in person or online, taking disc golf lessons with a professional disc golf instructor is the best way to learn how to play disc golf.

Disc Golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a fairly new sport. The history of disc golf really doesn't begin until the first examples of it being played appear in Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1926. Essentially taking the game of golf and replacing the holes with hoops or baskets for a frisbee to be thrown through or into, it is played in as many as 40 countries around the world. The low cost involved with playing it makes it a popular choice for many, since the only requirement is a frisbee and a course to play. Between 2000 and 2008, the number of those courses available more than doubled around the globe, and it continues to grow since.

Disc golf doesn't have the same need for high level physical fitness that many other outdoor sports require since it's a fairly laid back, lower paced game. Certainly, the ability to consistently throw a frisbee is going to go a long way in helping someone truly enjoy the sport, but that can be learned with practice. Really, the only prerequisites for disc golf would likely be patience and a deft touch. So long as a person is willing to take the time to become better at it, it's likely that almost anyone can enjoy playing disc golf.

All types of disc golf lessons are offered through ClassClassifieds, including children’s disc golf lessons, women’s disc golf lessons, and men’s disc golf lessons.

Another great way to learn disc golf is by joining a disc golf club or by attending a disc golf camp (perhaps a disc golf summer camp?), which you can find on ClassClassifieds.

Disc golf classes offered through teachers on ClassClassifieds are typically with a private disc golf instructor or at a disc golf school, although online disc golf classes may also be available. What are you waiting for? Take a disc golf class and learn how to play disc golf today! 
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