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Want to learn how to do karate? Just take karate classes with a karate instructor found on ClassClassifieds! We can also connect you with a karate school offering karate courses taught by excellent karate teachers as well. Whether you're looking for beginner karate classes, karate classes for kids, or more advanced karate classes, ClassClassifieds can help you get the best karate training available. Many karate academies and private instructors will even offer your first karate lesson for free!

On ClassClassifieds, you can even take karate lessons online with teachers offering excellent karate instruction completely over the Internet. Whether in person or online, taking a karate course with a professional karate instructor is the best way to learn how to do karate.

The history of karate begins in what is now Okinawa as the Chinese began to emigrate to the island in the 15th Century. It spread to the Japanese mainland during the cultural exchanges of the early 20th Century and began to be taught across Japan systematically beginning in the 1920's. Though Karate is often thought of as a single martial art, there are actually numerous karate techniques or styles that incorporate different types of strikes and moves. Some allow for knee and elbow strikes, others involve grappling and joint locks. This variety of karate martial arts makes for a wide range of choices for anyone interested in learning a fighting art, and shows just how diverse an individual martial art can truly be.
American karate began to be taught in the years after World War II, primarily by Pacific theater war veterans who spent time in Japan following the war. It became more of a cultural phenomenon in the 1960's, spreading beyond a few smaller regions of the States and gaining traction across the country. Today, USA Karate organizes schools and events across the country, helping to train athletes for competition around the world and keep teachings unified in each class of karate.
Students wishing to learn one of the styles of karate will typically do so at a karate studio. There, instructors will teach a class the various techniques that they need to advance. Karate lessons will be taught in understanding the history of karate and properly understanding oneself. As students improve, they will advance through the belts of their particular brand of karate, culminating with being awarded a karate black belt. There is a popular misconception that a black belt is some sort of karate master. In fact, most varieties of karate have ranked belts of each color, including the black belt.
Children are often some of the most eager students of any martial art, and it can provide a healthy outlet for the sort of energy and exuberance many kids have to burn off. These karate lessons can begin at a young age, with youth programs and so called karate for toddlers classes starting them on a journey of physical fitness, focus and increased awareness of who they are.
All types of karate classes are offered through ClassClassifieds, including children’s karate classes, women’s karate classes, and men’s karate classes.
Another great way to learn karate is by joining a karate club or by attending a karate camp (perhaps a karate summer camp?), which you can find on ClassClassifieds!

Karate lessons offered through teachers on ClassClassifieds are typically with a private karate instructor or at a karate academy, although online karate classes may be available. What are you waiting for? Take a karate class and learn how to do karate today!

Many specialized types of karate classes are also offered on ClassClassifieds, such as: kenpo karate classes, kempo karate classes, gi karate classes, shotokan karate classes, dojo karate classes, ATA karate classes, kata karate classes, okinawan karate classes, kown karate classes, and Japanese karate classes.

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