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Want to learn how to do kung fu? Just take kung fu classes with a kung fu instructor found on ClassClassifieds! We can also connect you with a kung fu school offering kung fu courses taught by excellent kung fu teachers as well. Whether you're looking for beginner kung fu classes, kung fu classes for kids, or more advanced kung fu classes, ClassClassifieds can help you get the best kung fu training available. Many kung fu academies and private instructors will even offer your first kung fu lesson for free!

On ClassClassifieds, you can even take kung fu lessons online with teachers offering excellent kung fu instruction completely over the Internet. Whether in person or online, taking a kung fu course with a professional kung fu instructor is the best way to learn how to do kung fu.

Kung fu is actually a Chinese term referring to a study or practice requiring patience, time and energy to complete. It's also the Western term for Chrinese martial arts known as Wushu. Taken purely in the martial arts context, there are a wide variety of styles of kung fu, covering many different fighting arts.
The history of kung fu is often hard to prove preceding the training of soldiers in this fighting style in the Nanjing decade of 1928-37. According to legend, it dates back to the Xia dynasty of over 4,000 years ago. From that point forward, Chinese martial arts are said to have spread through the ages, with the earliest references to their practice appearing during the 5th Century BC. Here, the earliest writings of combat striking techniques with philosophical underpinnings begin to appear. Wushu itself began with Shaolin monks training their fighting styles all the way back in the year 728 CE.

Probably the best known style of this martial art is Wing Chun kung fu. This is the style of Chinese boxing used by such famous practitioners as Bruce Lee and Yip Man. The use of 'soft' and 'hard' strikes is quite unique in the martial arts world. However, there are a multitude of other styles using different techniques and strike types, including Kenpo, Kung Fu Dragon (Southern Dragon Style) and Kung Fu Tiger (Shaolin Shandong Black Tiger Fist) styles.

To truly master kung fu is going to take a lot of time, effort and work. Kung fu includes a series of belts that students must advance through. Earning black belt status requires an eight-week-long endurance test, and this is simply to merit the first of nine levels of black belt. Obviously, the journey to master kung fu will be a long one, but simply practicing the art itself has its own rewards.

All types of kung fu classes are offered through ClassClassifieds, including children’s kung fu classes, women’s kung fu classes, and men’s kung fu classes.

Another great way to learn kung fu is by joining a kung fu club or by attending a kung fu camp (perhaps a kung fu summer camp?), which you can find on ClassClassifieds!

Kung fu lessons offered through teachers on ClassClassifieds are typically with a private kung fu instructor or at a kung fu academy, although online kung fu classes may be available. What are you waiting for? Take a kung fu class and learn how to do kung fu today!
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