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The Derby City, as Louisville is often called, is the largest city in Kentucky, and there’s no race to find the best teachers and classes in Louisville with ClassClassifieds. The city is known most popularly for being the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it is also famous for hosting the Kentucky Derby and the sports teams of the University of Louisville. The city is a major city in the healthcare and medicine fields, with huge advancements in heart surgery among other things coming from Louisville. In fact, the first artificial heart transplants were conducted in Louisville. Top scientists and researchers are attracted to Louisville’s medical centers and the University of Louisville, and many have made their home in the city and are there to stay. 

Louisville is a great place for both education and fitness. Due to the annual Kentucky Derby in Louisville, the city is very sports-minded, and ClassClassifieds can find fitness trainers near you to help you keep in as great a shape as the horses and their racers in the Derby. Louisville is also perfect for education because of the large amount of intelligent and highly educated people attracted to the city by the University and medical advancements. These people are trained and ready to pass their knowledge on to those who want it, whether for school or just to further your knowledge. ClassClassifieds has listed the best and the brightest of these teachers and fitness trainers in Louisville for you to search through and find the ones near you.
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