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Known as 'The Friendly City' as well as the home of the world's first Mc Donald's restaurant, San Bernardino has a lot to offer for people who wish to explore something new and unique. ClassClassifieds wishes to offer the city’s best and brightest classes to you. For most of the city’s history, San Bernardino was a major trading center which caused it to become a major city center in Southern California much like Los Angeles and San Diego. Culturally, San Bernardino is heavily influenced by its large Mexican-American population as well as its famous landmarks and industries. These include the National Orange Show Festival and the Route 66 Rendezvous celebration. Meanwhile the site of the original Mc Donald's has been converted to a museum for Route 66 and the long history of one of the country’s most famous roads. 

The economy of San Bernardino is mainly supported by tourism gained from Arrowhead Springs hot springs with resorts and rest stops which take advantage of the natural springs in the mountainous area. Transport and large warehouses for various stores such as Kohl's Pep Boys, and are the main employers for the city, but the University of California, San Bernardino makes up a large portion of the jobs within the city with over 2000 employees. It is thus no surprise that the University is one of the main education centers for the area but various other colleges and institutions of higher education can be found there such as the San Bernardino Valley College, National University, San Bernardino, ITT Tech, and others. With all these colleges comes well educated students and faculty, and many are available for private and in-home tutoring for anyone looking for them on ClassClassifieds. 
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