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Want to learn how to tap dance? Take tap dance classes with a private tap dance teacher, or at a tap dance studio, found on ClassClassifieds! Whether you're looking for beginner tap dance classes, tap dance classes for kids, or more advanced tap dance classes, ClassClassifieds can help you find the perfect tap dance teacher or tap dance academy. Many tap dance teachers will even offer your first tap dance class for free! On ClassClassifieds, you can also find tap dance teachers offering tap dance classes online.

Tap dance is a form of dance that nearly everyone has at least a passing familiarity with. Originating during 1800's traveling minstrel shows, it reached true cultural explosion during the rise of musicals with organized dance numbers in the early days of movies. It takes its name from the tapping sound made by the metal tips on the heel and toe of tap dance shoes. The need for these shoes does make tap dance one of the more expensive styles of dance to learn. Of course, soft-shoe is a different style of tap dance that doesn't require specialized footwear, making it an affordable option.

Tap dance is an up tempo style based largely on the feet. Not only does this type of dance require extremely sure footwork, but the need to tap out sounds with the heels and toes of the shoes takes that need to a higher level than is found with other styles. The speed needed also means that tap dancers need a high level of fitness, particularly in terms of cardio.

Tap dance lessons offered through tap dance instructors on ClassClassifieds are typically private tap dance lessons, group tap dance lessons (perhaps at a tap dance school), or online tap dance lessons. There are tap dance courses available for all ages: both tap dance classes for children and tap dance classes for adults. What are you waiting for? Learn how to tap dance today!

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