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Famous for being the seat of the nation's leadership and having a monument on almost every street corner, Washington D.C. is a history lover's paradise, yet there is much more to our capital than the halls of Congress and stern faced statues of past leaders. There are numerous teachers waiting to teach you from their melting pot of talent, and between D.C.’s extensive metro system and ClassClassifieds’s search engine, finding and getting to these teachers is extremely easy. D.C. has a strong and ever growing economy which is quickly diversifying from government related firms. In fact, D.C. sports many new industries related to education, medicine, communication, and scientific research. Culturally, D.C. is extremely rich, having many arenas for art and music such as the Kennedy Center, The Washington National Orchestra, and the vast Smithsonian Institution which contains numerous museums covering a plethora of subjects such as the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of African art, and National Portrait Gallery. D.C. is also the home of multiple institutions of higher education such as the University of the District of Columbia, George Washington University, and Georgetown University. 

Therefore one can see that Washington D.C. has many opportunities or anyone wanting to learn a new skill or just trying to get a boost in their personal lives. ClassClassifieds is there for you whether you need a yoga class to deal with your stressful working conditions, a fitness trainer to keep you in shape, or arts and crafts lessons to express your creativity. Whether it's tutoring for University or just a personal hobby the many resources of our nation’s capital are within reach, all one has to do is search on ClassClassifieds.
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