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About Classes in Wichita
Being the largest city in the state of Kansas, Wichita is known for its entrepreneurial spirit which continues to make it the start city for numerous national and state wide brands. ClassClassifieds wants to continue making Wichita an entrepreneurial power by finding business and finance teachers for students like you. Franchises including famous names such as Pizza Hut and White Castle Burgers have been founded in this very city. This spirit is also what has caused Wichita to become the "Air Capital of the World" because of the aircraft manufacturing industry which began in the early twentieth century. Since then, numerous aircraft manufacturers have made Wichita their base. Other than aircraft engineering, Wichita's second-largest industry is health care with the Wesley Medical Center and The Kansas Spine Hospital being large contributors to that department. 

Wichita is considered to be the cultural center for the state of Kansas and contains numerous museums and arenas for performers and historians alike. Some of the famous institutions are the Century II Convention Hall, the Orpheum Theatre, the Wichita Art Museum, as well as the Mid-America All Indian Center and the Exploration Palace. Together these institutions create the backbone of the culture for the city and make it a welcome place to visit and live. At the same time, the city has many institutions of higher education and libraries, plus many private and vocational schools. These businesses and places of education help to inspire Wichita’s many highly acclaimed tutors and music and art teachers make their living teaching the students that find them on ClassClassifieds. 
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